To The Capital 2

To The Capital II - is a game in the genre jRPG with classic turn-based battles in which you have to travel together with four heroes visiting many cities, dungeons, mysterious places and fight with various bosses.

Prior to the overthrow of the current authorities and getting to the capital, Louis gets an assignment from the king to find fugitive participants in the failed coup.

Together with Ralph, Bernard and Amelia joined by order of the command, they go on a journey through mysterious forests, snow-capped mountains and hot deserts.

Diverse landscape
Forests, plains, jungles, snow and desert.
Dialogues with residents, trade and leisure.
Many caves with unique bosses and loot.
Special Locations
Quest unusual locations with unique bosses and reward.
Journey without a global map
The player moves solely from location to location.
4 character classes
Each class has its own skills and bonuses to the characteristics.
Cooking and medicine.

Wallpaper for desktop
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Release date
2018 year